Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zeus, You Bastard (25). Serpent delivers again!

Managed to brave the heat and bolt a new route at Serpent which ended up being real fun. The sequence is pretty strange, and because of this I feel it would be a real tricky onsight. So called 'Zeus, You Bastard' as he is the god of the weather and it rained on previous attempts.

The route starts up  The Sundog Traverse (21), and climbs straight up rather than traversing left. Here are some photos of the send.

Tom Shannon almost managed to get Minotaur (hard 17) first go. Awesome effort considering its about his fourth time climbing. Tahlia Wallis climbed a 13 in nice style.

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  1. Awesome to see more routes out there. I'm sure I'll be braving the heat soon too. Keep up the good work.