Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pandoras Box Project, Serpent.

I have been working on an old Project at Serpent recently, which was bolted in the 90's. It's a super bouldery, steep and thin piece of rock which has been a real learning curve trying to figure out some of the moves. I have spend a bit of time on it now, and feel pretty close to sending. It will be Serpent's hardest route when it gets a FA. Here are some photos to show some of the moves.

This is a photo of the route. It's reasonably short, but does not let up until you clip the anchor. 

Starting crux, probably around V7?? (as if I know). Undercling above head, pull to waist and slap the mono crimp. 
Jumping for the only jug on the route. 
Finishing 'jug'. Don't fall clipping this one! 
Susy tried Stingray (22). It's kinda funky. 

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