Friday, August 5, 2011

Europe Trip 2011

I recently spent a month in Europe, mainly to go rock climbing. My main two picks of places to climb were Frankenjura in Germany and Ceuse in France.
I went to the Frankenjura first. I was shocked about how hard the climbing was. The warm ups had mono pockets, and the climbs were steep. 

Me 'warming up' on a 6c+ 

Onsighting some tricky and burly 7a.

Some super hard 7a+, I tried hard but couldn't do it!!

After the Frankenjura we went to Ceuse in France. Ceuse is friggen amazing!! Limestone perfection. I had heard that the walk in was quite hard, but little did I know what was in store. Supposedly it takes about 30-60 minutes to walk up the hill, and on the first day it took me more like 90 minutes. WOWZA.
I met up with some cool english climbers, Robbie Phillips and Natalie Berry. I decided to try the route that I most wanted to do, Super Mickey (7b-25 ) and fell off way near the top. Good start to the day, I wasnt expection to onsight a 7b straight away.

Super Mickey

Topping out of Super Mickey. It really was super, but polished.

Onsighting Bonny and Clyde (6c), tough as.

Trying to onsight the awesome classic Lapinerie (7b-25).

The amazing 'berlin' wall at Ceuse.

The next day's were spent just having fun, trying to onsight and tick as much as I could. I didnt end up climbing anything hard, but I had heaps of fun and learnt a lot.
Hardest ticks were two 7b's (redpoint) and 6 7a's (all onsight).

Me almost onsighting Realization (9a+).

Easy slabbing, which is still very tricky.

Last day in paradise.

There isn't too much too say, except thanks anyone that helped me out throughout the trip. It was daunting going over to climb without a partner. 

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