Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Shall Not Pass (27)

Went to Serpent today with Terry and climbed a project which I bolted in December last year.  I wrote about the route a while ago here.
I wont bore you with heaps more pictures, but I will just say that this route is awesome. I reckon 27 sounds about right. Thanks Terry for the catch.

The send

Happy after sending.

I decided to do The Gatekeeper (25), which is the route You Shall Not Pass joins into.


  1. Good stuff dude. Send info for the guide.

  2. Which one is you in that photo?

  3. He the smiling one... Since he was runnin'hot , Bevan and Terry , [the evil spiteful parentally anal ones], also made him "nonsight" Off With The Pixies , 13. A "nonsight" is climbed with eyes shut , and MUST follow every send at Serpent.... He sent that too ! ! !