Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day With Dazza

Darren and I went to Serpent today, and went and tried Pump Action (25).
This route is located on the upper cliffs, at the Shotgun wall sector. Wicked climbing, but I got a bit freaked about the huge run out after the third bolt and didn't finish it. Sometimes its better to back off. I am looking forward to getting back on it though with a fresh head space.
Darren tried my new route You Shall Not Pass (27) at the end of the day, he really enjoyed it and found it quite tough. One for him to come back to for sure.

Pump Action climbs this wicked wall, technique!!

There are two routes which climb up this wall, Itchy Trigger Fingers (24) and the unrepeated Ricochet (27). Still plenty of potential.

Happy Cranking,

1 comment:

  1. Pump Action is a tendon tearer. It did my digits.
    It's shallow pockets and titchy edges were too much for me. Months later the first climb I get on: Count Your Fingers at Brooyar. Wrong!!!