Monday, December 30, 2013

Lucerne, Switzerland.

I am home now, but thought I best put some photos up of a couple of the last places I visited while on my trip. Lucerne was very beautiful, especially after Geneva (which I had visited the previous few days), which I did not particularly enjoy.

The beautiful bridge in the centre of town.

The beautiful city by night. I waited around for ages to take this shot. It's lonely being a solo traveler.

Lucerne from one of the bell towers.

Beautiful carved stone. The Dying Lion. Sorry about the guy cleaning its teeth. I saw bolts on the wall for climbing. That shield would make a cool hold.

On my last day I decided to go to the top of Mount Pilatus. To access it I had to go on the steepest train in existence. I paid my small fortune and went for a ride.

I was saddened to get to the top to be met with fog. Nothing else. Except this.

I decided to wait a few hours to see if it cleared. I fell asleep after a few beers and woke up just before the last gondola was going down the mountain. It didn't clear up. The food while waiting was good though!

Lucerne was a great place to stay. Very expensive, but worthy of a few nights of enjoyment! Cheers

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