Thursday, September 19, 2013

Annecy-Last Stop In France.

Being the last stop in France for the trip, we wanted to make it a smaller area, with some adventurous things to do. Bring on Annecy, with its gorgeous lake! The old town of Annecy is stunning and touristy, with mountains all around.
My recommendations?
1. Le Munich bar for a good selection of beer.
2. A bike ride around the lake. 40km all up.
4. Walking the old town.

These next few photos highlight my favourite areas in the old town.

Next up was our bike ride around the lake. These next photos are taken while on it.

These next couple of shots are from my first time paragliding. Can't think of a better place to do it, the views are unreal! Can't recommend it more.

He even gave me a certificate saying how awesome I am!! Bet he doesn't hand certificates out to everyone..........................
Adios France.

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