Friday, February 11, 2011

Point Glorious. New crag.

Here some some information about a new mini crag that has been getting developed. Point Glorious.
It is located in the Yandina/Noosa Hinterland, way out near Serpent. Terry, Oliver and I have been developing its small but hard routes. 
So far there are only two routes, and two projects. Its worth checking out if your near the area, and you can always do the routes at Point Glorious and then go to Serpent in the one day. 

Guidebook is located here.

Here are some pictures of the routes. 

The first route to go up, Future History (18). Here oliver is doing the second ascent.

Terry doing the third ascent of Future History (18).

Future History is a good warmup for this next route, Kidney Cave (26), a super short and super thin face.  So far it hasn't had a repeat, but everyone that has been on this and Future History has confirmed the good quality of the routes. They might be short, but they pack a punch.

Me making the first ascent of Kidney Cave (26). The whole route is hard, it doesn't back off.

Nearing the finish, it gets a little steeper.

If you want to head out there, give me a message and I am happy to show you the area.

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