Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blue Mountains 2010

Hello fellow climbers.

I have started a blog to write down all my climbing adventures on. I will update it with any news or interesting photos.
I thought a good place to start would be with my trip to the Blue Mountains in December 2010.

Well this was my second visit to the beautiful Blue Mountains, as I went there last year at the same time of year. I had a great trip in 2009 and I was hoping this trip would also be great.
I went with my dad Bevan, and Michael Garrahy.

Day 1: Centennial Glen.
We arrived in the Bluies late in the afternoon, but thanks to day light savings we were able to get a few climbs in. I onsighted Nev Herrod (23), and did Madge Mcdonald (25) second go which was a nice start to the trip. Michael was also happy with his first day as he onsighted his first 23, Acceptably Cosmic.

Day 2: Logan Brae.
Very nice and cool day, me and Michael both wanted to do a few of the classics. I did Frey Yule's classic Dr Stein (25) second go, and I now hail it as one of the best climbs I have ever done. Michael was working on his footwork and did Room With A View (22).

Day 4: Wave Wall.
Rainy day, so we retired to Wave Wall as it seems to stay dry in the wet.
Met up with Matt C and Brad Babel and we got straight into it. I had tried Smoked Mussels (26) the previous year and it shut me down completely. This year I got on it and was able to do all the moves without too much hassle straight off. Managed to do it 3rd go that day.
Michael after narrowly avoiding the onsight of both Split Wave (23) and The Tube (24), ticked them both second go.

                                  Michael sending Split Wave (23).

Day 6: Bowens Creek
A very rainy and miserable day. The angle didn't suit me or Michael, and we both got pretty spanked. I managed the crimpy and sharp Fox Force Five (24) second go.

Day 8: Main Wall, Centennial Glen.
A bit of an off day for both me and Michael, but we got some mileage in so all is well.
I tried Trix Roughly (26), but I managed to always stuff it up way up high on the easy part. Something to come back for. Michael tried Madge Mcdonald (25), and did really well falling way up high on the onsight.

Day 9: Boronia Point
I did some nice easy warmups, then did Lyptus (23) second go. Also onsighted Sprouts Mexicane (23), after Michael gave it a go. We were both pretty exhausted now, and our skin was feeling it.

Day 10: Bardens Lookout and departure.
Only had two hours to fill in, and the whole cliff was completely wet. I still managed to do Caves Route (24) second go, then it was time to leave.

All in all it was a great trip, and I am looking forward to getting back there.

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