Monday, September 16, 2013


Continuing our France trip, we headed to Normandy. I had been wanting to head to Normandy for a long time to learn more about WW2 and to see the Mont Saint-Michel. 

First day we headed to the Mont Saint-Michel, a beautiful Abbey built on a small island not far from out from land. In fact, during low tide you can walk out to it. It has to be one of the more special things I have ever seen, and the tour guide took us for a fantastic 1 hour tour through the whole thing. Only 11  monks still reside on this massive abbey, but could not be seen as the place was swamped with tourists. Make sure you see this if in Normandy.

Walking to the Mont Saint-Michel at low tide.

Walking to the top of the Abbey.

Next day we headed on a D-Day tour of the Omaha and Utah beaches to learn something new. The tour was based around the American landings and eventual success, as we didn't get time to do the English landing beaches as well. If you are ignorant of the D-Day battles, like I was, then perhaps you will remember the first battle scene in Saving Private Ryan, as that was the battle at Omaha beach. Quite surreal to visit a place with such recent but horrible history.

A German gun, stationed on one of the cliffs that look onto Omaha beach. Still in great shape.

Omaha beach.

Omaha Beach again. Hard to believe that this was once barren during war.

Just above Omaha beach is the American Cemetery. The space was donated to America, and is absolutely stunning and kept in beautiful condition.

Further along the beaches we came to an area above the Normandy cliffs which had been bombed 3,000 times. Every hole you see is a bomb hole.

Amazingly a bit of the German engineering held up against all of the bombs.

The view along the Normandy Cliffs.

Iron Mike statue. Dedicated to the American paratroopers of the Normandy battles.
Further along the beach, a tank overlooking Utah Beach. 
I can highly recommend doing a tour of the WW2 battles in Normandy. I learnt so much in my 8 hour day out with the tour group. 

Cya next time in Lyon. 

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