Saturday, September 7, 2013

Antwerp and Gent.

I had a fantastic time in Belgium, but sadly, it has come to an end. After Bruges we headed to the city of Antwerp. Compared to Bruges, where I felt right at home, Antwerp left me wanting more. I had done little research on the area and found the points of interest uninteresting unfortunately. I still had a great time, saw some beautiful sights, and saw what Belgium looks like away from the preserved tourist areas. Highlight of this area was sitting under the Cathedral in the centre of the old town in one of the bars, and enjoying the quality beer Belgium has to offer. Enjoy the following photos of Antwerp.

Cathedral Of Our Lady by day. 

Underground tunnels. Stinky but cool. There are tours conducted here, but for 'safety' reasons, we had to speak dutch to do this one.

The amazing wooden escalators build long ago, aiding access to the walking tunnel under the river. 

Town square at night.

After we finished up in Antwerp, we headed over to Gent for a day trip. I now wish I had stayed in Gent for longer, with less time in Antwerp. I guess you never know till you get there and see how you like the spot. Either way, they are both so close by train it's easy to make a day trip out of each city.

First up, a canal boat trip. Always a must.

In the middle of town there is an old castle, build in the 1100's. Pretty impressive. I feel this picture shows how interesting the area is, as we have people just sitting around having a beer right next to something built long ago. Something we don't get to see in Australia, that's for sure.
Here is the view from the Belfry. You can see the castle pictured above in the right corner of this photo. 
And of cause, to finish another hard day of being awesome, a couple of beers. 

Paris is next! See you soon. 

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