Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Brooyar Trip, Day 1.

Had a fantastic trip to Brooyar with Susy and Oliver.
First day we wanted to get on a project each. I wanted to tick Reverse Psychology (27), which I had tried a while ago. Susy wanted to do The Great Devoid (22). Oliver wanted to do Bar Room Brawl (25).
Verdict? I failed miserably on Reverse Psychology, but managed to tick Bar Room Brawl second shot.
Susy had a great onsight attempt at The Great Devoid but fell mantling the lip, she got pumped out trying to clip the third bolt.
Oliver managed to work out the hard lip move on Bar Room Brawl, and he wont be too long away from ticking it.

Oliver has made a video of the first day, check it out.

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