Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's been a while since my last post, as I have been finding it hard to find internet and have also been very busy. We spent 3 nights in the beautiful Killarney, which is situated in County Kerry, Ireland. 
The first day we decided to visit Ross Castle and do a beautiful rowing excursion on Killarney lake. 
The next day we did what we came to Killarney to do, climb Ireland's highest mountain, Carrauntoohil. It is not a large mountain by any means, being only 1038m high, but we also had to somehow get to the mountain without means of public transport or a car. We decided to ride there, climb the mountain and ride back to Killarney. The bike ride was 20km to get to the mountain, and gave our legs a fair working before starting the 14km hike up Carrauntoohil. 

This is the start of the hike to the mountain. The route takes the central gully (just above Tahlia's head), which is named Devils Ladder. 

Here Tahlia is climbing the dirty rotten scree, named Devils Ladder. Apparently it was supposed to be very difficult, and dangerous in the wet, but it was okay. 

At the top of the ladder we were greeted by amazing views. The weather was close to freezing, and the wind was the strongest I have ever encountered, almost knocking us over. As soon as this photo was taken, the clouds swept over us and we continued on our journey to the top with no visibility. 
We arrived on top exhausted, and waited a while, but did not get any view unfortunately. Ah well. The view on the way up was amazing. We walked back down, and faced a 20km bike ride home. Beers were well deserved that night. 

The next day we did the famous Ring Of Kerry on a bus trip, but I have no photos to prove it, so you will just have to believe me. The following day to that we decided to ride the Gap of Dunloe, a beautiful 24km ride through an amazing gap in the mountains near Killarney.

We first had to take a boat over lake Killarney, where we met this beautiful dog named Charlie.

We had an amazing ride through the gap

Finally we finished in a little cottage and had a beer, and than cycled into town and got on our next bus to Ennis!


  1. That looks so beautiful guys, glad to hear you're having such a fantastic time!

    Looking forward to catch up beers and stories upon return :)

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