Saturday, July 5, 2014


Matt - After finishing in Dublin, we caught a train to the medieval town of Kilkenny. Many people, including myself, have heard of Kilkenny because of the beer. Funny thing is, Kilkenny beer is not brewed in Kilkenny. Smithwicks brewery is located in Kilkenny though. 

As with all European cities, the streets are great to explore

The walk through Saint Candice's Cathedral, and the round tower was amazing. The tower is over 30m high, and I highly doubt tourists will be allowed to walk up it in the future. We were allowed though, and the view was absolutely amazing.

We have both found it hard to get used to the long days here. I succeeded in staying up till it got dark last night (11pm) so I could take some pictures of the city at night. Tahlia failed, and fell asleep at 9pm, tskkk, tskkk. Below are some photos from last nights walk
Now I am sitting on the bus on the way to Cork. Bye.

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