Thursday, December 22, 2011

Acid (27).

The joke goes, I tripped on acid first shot, but managed it second shot.
Went to Ngungun with Susy, Ian and Terry on Wednesday for a day out. To my disappointment the climb I wanted to do was fully in the sun, but Susy and I jumped on it anyway. The first half is an awesome 22, and the second half is a sustained sequence of weird drop knees and side pulls which finishes at a definitive crux from a slopy pinch and a good heal hook.

I didn't think I would have much luck on it second go, as I didn't really spend long on it the shot before. But as I climbed I wasn't really thinking of failure, I was just climbing the route the way I knew I could. And before I knew it I had hit the crux crimp and I just had a scary mantle to go. I managed to pull the mantle and clip the anchors on my second go, which is probably one of my proudest sends.
I have always wanted to do some harder routes away from Mount Coolum, and this was a great adventure and a worthy tick for me.
Susy had a couple of shots and worked out most of the moves, and did a great link on her second go. She is psyched to get back on it.

This is a picture of me just after the halfway point on Acid.

Victory photo

The last two weeks I have also been out climbing at Slider with Susy. I managed to tick Wailer (25) and The Final Piece (25) both second shot. Now I might try Hybrid Vigour. Stay tuned.

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