Monday, April 18, 2011

Day at Brooyar, Gympie.

Went to  Brooyar with Clint a couple of weeks ago. Went straight to Hammerhead Rock to do a new route which I had bolted the previous week. Its a fun little thing just to the left of Chironex (18).
Its called Not On Porpoise and its also 18. Go and try it, it has some awesome features.
I wanted to do some onsight training in preparation for the QLD climbing comp the following week, so we headed over to Hanuman's Hangout and I onsighted Bats In The Belfry and Slave To Gravity, both 24. Nice roof climbing, Bats is super interesting.
Me and Clint decided to go and jump on Carnivore (28), the hardest route at Brooyar. We both went and worked the moves first shot and I found it not to bad, doing all the moves straight away.
Second shot I fell from the last move of the 16 move problem, bummer. One to come back to for sure!

Me on Not On Porpoise (18).

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