Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project: Fruitbat Extension

I bolted a project about 2 months ago which climbs the well featured wall above Hung Like A Fruitbat (25). It will join into the top of Eraserhead, and altogether will be over 25 metres long.
So far all the moves have been done, with a little bit of linkage in the higher easy parts.
This will be the next big thing for endurance climbs at Coolum. I am having a great deal of fun on it.
Here are some pictures, taken by John O'Brien.

Crux section. It involves pulling a two finger crimp and a tiny pinch to your waist, and then throwing for the flat top "jug".

Weird mantle to get established on the horn, and the wacky rest.

Balancy and steep climbing on jugs.

Big move to a big hold. Marks the end of the hard climbing.

So I am super keen for this project, but I have a bit of unfinished business on Bite The Hand That Feeds.
Lets see how all these projects go :)

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